Metaclean MS
APPLICATIONS: Netural detergent cleaner ideal for off-plant pre-cleaning of all metals prior to pickling and electroplating. Extremely effective for impacted polishing residues. Will replace solvent cleaning and can be used with ultrasonic equipment. Useful for inter-stage cleaning and general engineering use.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 10 to 30 ml/l, 70 to 100° C, 1 to 5 minutes; Ultrasonic: 10 ml/l max., 70° C max.
Metaclean CAC
APPLICATIONS: This is low temperature cleaner for both ferrous / non ferrous substrates. First stage Cleaner Prior to pickling and soak cleaning etc. Effectively takes initial load of soil/oil from Component.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: Use 40-60 gm/l, at 40-50° C soak for 4-6 minutes.
Metaclean AC-40
APPLICATIONS: This is low cost equivalent of Metaclean ACT. A general purpose cleaner for both ferrous / Non-Ferrous substrates. Mostly used by soak application.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 40 – 80 gm/l., 60 – 80° C, 4 – 6 Minutes Soak
Metaclean 105
APPLICATIONS: High efficiency cleaner for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Will remove oils, fats, greases and other soils. Rapid penetrating action and long life. Is less alkaline than Metaclean ACT and may be prepared where substantial quantity of brass is being treated.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 25 to 50 g/l Optimum 35 g/l, 60 to 95° C, 1 to 5 minutes. Zinc : 50 to 60° C, 1 to 3 minutes.
Metaclean ACT
APPLICATIONS: For rack and barrel. Low concentration, long life. Effective for removal of large volumes of mineral oils, tenacious lanolin greases and soils from ferrous metals. May also be used for copper and brass. Can be used for second stage electrolytic cleaning.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 10 to 40 g/l Optimum 25g/l, 70 to 95° C, 1 to 2 minutes.
Metaclean ZX
APPLICATIONS: Mid general purpose cleaner for all metals including steel, brass, zinc and aluminium. Can be used to float off large quantities of oil. May also be used as a cathodic cleaner.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 40 to 50 g/l Optimum 45 g/l, 80 to 90° C, 2 to 3 minutes. Zinc and Aluminium : 70° C max.
Metaclean FX
APPLICATIONS: Mild cleaner for ferrous metals. Will remove oil and tarnish. Can also be used as a cathodic cleaner.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 100 g/l, 80 to 90° C, 1 to 5 minutes.
All Clean 2010
APPLICATIONS: For effective removal of heavy heat treatment scales, to remove soils / oils from steel and Other Substrates, Soak cleaning recommended.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 100-200 gm/l , at 30 – 40º C, for 3-5 minutes
Metaclean OX
APPLICATIONS: Metaclean OX is for descaling cum degreasing cleaner for removal of tenacious heat Treatment scales from steel as well as stainless steel. Suitable for case hardened and Carburized steel.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: Use 50 – 100 gm/l. at 80 – 90° C, for 10 – 15 Minutes (For thicker scales longer immersion time may be required.)
Metaclean AX
APPLICATIONS: High current density anodic cleaner for steel. Has excellent smut removal properties and emulsifies animal and vegetable oils and greases. Can also be used as a second stage cleaner for cyanide free lines.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 100 g/l, 80 to 95° C, 1 to 3 minutes, 4 to 10 A/dm2
Metaclean 104
APPLICATIONS: Heavy duty hot anodic cleaner for steel. Will remove mineral oils and greases. Can be used as a soak cleaner for leaded brass and castings.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 20 to 50 g/l, 80 to 95° C, 1 to 3 minutes, 3 to 4 A/ dm2
Metaclean KW
APPLICATIONS: Highly effective second stage cleaner for removing metallic and oxide films from steel, brass or zinc alloy. Used anodically for ferrous metals and cathodically for non-ferrous. Ensures good adhesion of electroplate. Contains cyanide.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 75 g/l, room temperature to 40° C, 2 to 5 A/dm2, 1 to 5 minutes.
Metaclean KX
APPLICATIONS: A mild electrolytic cathodic cleaner for brass, copper and nickel silver. Particularly useful for precious metals. Contains cyanide.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 125 g/l, room temperature to 38° C, 2 to 4 A/dm2, 2 to 3 minutes.
Metaclean HW
APPLICATIONS: A cyanide based cleaner for ferrous and non ferrous substrates, for soak/cathodic cleaning.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 100 gm/l at Ambient temp. Cathodic with 4 – 6 volts, for 2-4 Minutes.
Metaclean Albond
APPLICATIONS: A cleaner used prior to aluminium zincating. Before plating.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 25 to 40 g/l, 35 to 50° C, 1 to 5 minutes soak, 4 to 6 V, 1/2 to 2 minutes.
Metaclean MK
APPLICATIONS: A highly efficient cleaner for the non-etch cleaning of aluminium prior to anodising, electroplating or elctropolishing. Does not contain silicates or caustic. Used as soak or electrolytically to remove all oils, greases and compositions. Also used for brass, zinc and plastics.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: Soak 25 to 40 g/l, 60 to 70° C, 1 to 5 minutes. Cathodic : 1 to 2 A/dm2 , 1/2 to 2 minutes.
Metaclean ALF
APPLICATIONS: High alkalinity for the production of a semi-matt finish, brighter than can be produced by mechanical means. At low concentrations can be used as a light etch cleaner.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 25 to 50 g/l, 68 to 74° C, 20 to 30 seconds depending on degree of frosting required.
Pickle Aid
APPLICATIONS: An additive to mineral acids to permit cleaning and pickling in one operation prior to electroplating and phosphating. Contains inhibitors, emulsifiers and accelerators which ensure rapid grease and rust removal without attack on the base metal.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 50 ml/l; Cold to 70° C, 1 to 15 minutes depending on amount of scale and grease.
Piscal S
APPLICATIONS: A composite acid pickle for descaling iron and steel. Minimises hydrogen embrittlement and effectively inhibited, so that pickling action ceases when the rust or scale is removed. Ideal for parts with fine dimensional limits.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: Ready to use, Cold to 50° C, time dependent on quantity of scale.
Dry Acid Salt
APPLICATIONS: A powdered salt mixture providing alternate to concentrated acid. Used for derusting and descaling steel, activating leaded brass, deoxidising copper and its alloys.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 12 to 200 g/l, cold to 60° C, 15 seconds to 1 minute, Upto 20 minutes for heavy scale.
Piscal BR
APPLICATIONS: A composite acid pickle for descaling brass, copper and its alloys. Minimises tarnishing.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 500ml/l, room temperature, time dependent on quantity of scale.
Piscal AD
APPLICATIONS: An alkaline pickle for derusting and descaling iron and steel, with or without cyanide. Also used for copper and alloys and for second stage electrolytic cleaning. Soak or electrolytic. No hydrogen embrittlement on high tensile steel. No etching of surface.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 100 to 200 g/l, cold to 100° C, time depending on quantity of scale, 5 to 10 A/dm2 cathodic/anodic.
Desmutting Salts
APPLICATIONS: For Desmutting of Aluminium during pretreatment.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 25 - 40 gm/l. at Ambient
Chrome Neutralising Process – Chrosal CNS
APPLICATIONS: Used for neutralizing and chemically reducing the chrome solution carried over on plated components. It has an advantage over sodium bi-sulphite in that it not only neutralizes any free acid but also reduces residual chromate to green trivalent state. Very effective on automatic plants.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 3 g/l, room temperature, 1 to 2 minutes.
Albond Dip
APPLICATIONS: A treatment for aluminium and its alloys which enables direct dull or bright nickel deposits to be applied without intermediate brass or copper plating.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: Ready to use solution, room temperature, 1 to 2 minutes.
Protective Coating For Metals – PS 1000
APPLICATIONS: A water soluble compound applied over various conversion coatings to increase corrosion protection. It can also be used over all clean metal surfaces like aluminium, magnesium, copper, brass, silver, gold, etc.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: One part of PS 1000 + two to three parts of water, 15 to 60° C, pH 7.5 to 8.5, 10 to 30 sec.
PS – 2000
APPLICATIONS: Protective Sealant (Top Coat) for chromate Passivated zinc/alloy deposits, to Enhance Corrosion resistance.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: One part of PS 2000 to be mixed with two to four parts of water. At ambient temperature. Time: 30-40 seconds.
APPLICATIONS: Special post chromate passivation dip for improving adhesion of Chromate film over bright zinc deposit. Improves corrosion resistance, UV resistance. etc of conversion coating over zinc. cadmium
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 50-200 ml/lit. in good quality water ambient temperature. Immersion 20-40 seconds.
Rinse AID
APPLICATIONS: Special product to improve rinsing efficiency of post plating rinses, especially in case of Acid zinc plating operations. Its use can minimize carryovers to subsequent stages of the process. Product can help conserve water.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 10 – 30 ml/lit in post plating Rinse tank.
APPLICATIONS: Minimist is stable spray suppressant for use in most decorative chromium plating For controlling Toxic Fumes released during plating.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 0.8 gm/l. Initially, and for maintenance appropriate routine addition.
Barium Carbonate
APPLICATIONS: Used for reducing sulphate from chromium plating bath solution.
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 2 gm for every 1gm of excess Sulphate to be removed from plating solution.