Special Features:

The Glydette is a new, self-contained immersed barrel plating unit for medium scale production. It combines in a single piece of equipment, two plating stations, a water swill, a load/unload station and a glydette transporter.

The Glydette is supplied complete with one barrel.


A special feature of the equipment is the transporter. This is an adaption of the standard Glydo transporter. A power hoist raises and lowers the barrel. To move from one station to another, the Glydette transporter is manually transferred. Care in the design of the wheel assemblies coupled with the accurate pre-assembly of the rails has resulted in a smooth, free-running transporter requiring the minimum of effort to set in motion, even with a fully loaded barrel. Correct location at each station is provided by a simple lever operated cam.


The load/unload station has a chute for loading the barrel whilst it is locked in the correct position; it is rotated by a handle and the work discharges through a twin outlet hopper into work trays.

These trays are shaped for easy discharge of the work into a centrifugal dryer.


The two plain steel plating stations are fitted with inter-connected anode rods; the brass cathode saddles are also interconnected, thus the incoming D.C. supply is connected to 2 points only. Barrel drive is by geared motor units at each station operated through pushbutton starters, with overload protection, mounted at the front of the tanks.

The swill tank is painted internally with P.V.C. paint and is complete with weir, drain and overflow outlets.


The barrel unit is a T.C.U. suitable for various loads and provides full immersion of the cylinder. It is fitted with rocking horns to ensure positive four point location in the saddles. The standard cylindrical barrel is supplied in polyproplylene, with 3 mm. perforations and danger contacts.


With the transportable cylinder unit supplied, it is estimated that one Glydette used for zinc plating, with a 20 minute plating time, will handle approximately 5.500 kg. of work during an average 40 hour week. This output could be doubled at a later date by the addition of a second barrel unit. The Glydette is designed to allow for this addition without further installation work.

If required, the Glydette can be extended by adding additional plating and swill tanks.

Additional equipment available at extra charge

In place of the standard round barrels, hexagonal polypropylene barrels are available. Alternative perforations and contacts can be provided and for efficient drainage, barrel rotation equipment can be supplied.

If required the plating tanks can be fitted with cooling or heating units.

The size of rectifier necessary for the Glydette will depend upon the plating processes employed and the type of work processed. We would be pleased to recommend suitable rectifier equipment.

Model Barrel Size m.m. L x DIA Optimum Max. Wt. of load Kg. Typical Current
    Surface Area Volume Load. Ltrs.   Bright Ni Amp Bright Zin Amp.
GLDT 450 450 x 300 3.0 m2 9-14 25 250 350
GLDT 750 750 x 400 7.0 m2 36 50 500 750
GLDT 1050 1050 x 400 10.0 m2 40-45 110 750 1000