Barrel plating is widely employed for the bulk processing of small to medium sized components. The types of barrel plating include perforated barrels which are immersed in plating solution and open ended solid barrels in which the solution, the anode and the work are contained inside the barrel (inclined).

Barrels are available of suitable plastic material with perforation of 3mm, 1.6mm, or herringbone. The inclined plating barrels are available in four capacities 0.14 litres (Mini), 0.56 litres (Minor), 2.25 litres (Major) and 9/14 litres (Master).

With the built in mechanism, the barrel is emptied efficiently, simply by hand with minimum effort, discharging the plated articles through a chute into a basket thus eliminating hoist. These barrels are ideally suited for use in limited space, and suitable for, most solutions except chrome.

Wasteful build-up of metal inside the barrel is minimised by specially designed cathode contacts which are completely covered by the articles during deposition. The large capacity of the submerged barrel and the rapid turnaround of loads give the Numinik a greater rated output than most barrels of comparable size.

Code No/Barrel Details NM30
NM 100
Size LxDia mm (Inside) 300x200 450x288 600x288 750x400 1000x146 1000x400
Capacity Kg Max. 10 25 35 55 35 110
Optimum Plating surface area m2 1.5 3.0 5.6 7.0 5.6 10
Typical Br.Ni 125 250 400 500x400 400 750
Current Amps Br.Zn 175 350 500 750 500 1000
Tank capacity Ltrs. 190 400 507 750 714 1250
Model Tank L x W x H mm O/All unit
NM30/951401 680x620x570 1270x1090x1600
NM45/951401 850x700x850 1520x1100x1800
NM60/951401 1000x700x850 1700x1100x1800
NM75/951401 1400x1015x650 1700x1500x1700
NM100*/951401 1700x700x700 2300x1100x1650
NM100/951401 1700x700x700 2300x1500x1800
Drive: 0.25 HP Geared Motor Barrels

Barrels are available of suitable plastic material with submerged plating barrel perforations of 3 mm, 1.6 mm or herringbone as desired. Herringbone perforations can be offered only in case of hexagonal barrels.

Cooling coils of suitable material can be fitted in these units if required.

* For spoke and similar wire products wire length should be in multiples of 160 mm or nearby value.

These barrels can be offered with alteration to suit individual specific requirements.

Progressive changes in design & specifications may be made from time to time without prior notification.