AIR AGITATION UNITS are used to provide water washed oil-free air for the agitation of cleaning, swilling and plating tanks. Two standard sizes of Air Agitation Units are available and the size of unit required depends upon the total length of coils used to agitate the solution.

For cleaning, swilling and general plating solutions, it is recommended to provide double row air agitation coils under each line of work.

Details of AIR AGITATION UNITS capacities are given in the Table below.

These units operate at a working pressure of 0.22/0.25 kg/cm2 (3/3.5 p.s.i.). If the Air agitation unit is situated at a considerable distance from the tank, allowance should be made for reduction of pressure due to friction in the service pipework. Loss of pressure will also result if the holes in the air agitation coil are enlarged. The holes are normally drilled in the on the top of the coil which should be situated directly under the plating jigs to ensure the efficient removal of hydrogen bubbles from the articles during processing.

We shall be pleased to advise on the choice of Air Agitation Units to suit your exact requirements.

MODEL H.P. SPEED CAPACITY Length of Agitation Pipe
      M3/HR CFM 1.6 MM (1/16") HOLE 2.2MM (3/32") HOLE
RAP - "Minor" Cd. 953301 2 2800 35 20 10 MTR (35FT) 10 MTR (35FT)
RAP - "Major" Cd. 953401 5 1400 120 70 40 MTR (130FT) 25 MTR (80FT)